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FRT-350B laser bridge saw cutting machine

This machine adopts PLC programmable control system, man-machine integration of touch screen operation interface, with high precision rotary encoder and the infrared liner, cutting left and right adopts the frequency converter to control the speed, speed can be adjusted according to the stone material, lift up and down adopts hydraulic, the high speed moving parts adopt imported high quality spare parts, so it cutting with high efficiency, high cutting precision, high stability, easy and flexible operation etc, especially suitable for the high value of large specifications of granite, marble slabs cutting. 

锯片直径Blade diametermm¢300-¢450
最大加工尺寸(长x宽x厚)Max.working dimensions(LxWxH)mm3200x3200x100
事情台尺寸(长x宽)Table size(LxW)mm3200x2000
事情台翻板角度Workbench tilting degree0°-85°
机头旋转Head rotating degree0°-90°
机头倾斜Head tilting degree0°-45°
事情台旋转角度Workbench rotating degree0°-90°+45°/0°-45°-90°-360°
主电机功率Main motor powerkw15
总功率Gross powerkw20.2
耗水量Water consumptionm3/h3.5
外形尺寸(长x宽x高)Overall dimension(LxWxH)mm6000x4800x3000
总重量The total weightkg6300

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